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Visual FoxPro, SQL Server Database Tools

Database Tools

Download large sets of DEMO DATA for use in testing your database systems.

VFP Developer Tools

  • VCXInfo.prg (VFP 6+)
    Reads all class library files (VCXs) in a directory, then creates a single HTML file that contains information on the contained classes, including groups by VCX name, class name, and caption.
  • RBFind.prg (VFP 6+)
    I often need to find all programs that reference a particular table or field or some other text value. This is a simple program that searches all PRGs and form method code for the string you pass to it and lists the found programs and number of occurences.

VFP Functions, Programs

  • isalldigits.prg (VFP 6+)
    Function returns .T. if all characters in the passed string are digits or blanks.
Old Fox versions

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