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Visually Impaired: Visual FoxPro for 2.6ers
  • Introduction and examples of Classes and Class Libraries
  • The Why's, Why Not's, and Introduction to Client/Server in Visual FoxPro
    Non-visual classes, and why they should be the tool of choice

    Building Web Pages with FoxPro (external)
    An excellent article by Rick Strahl on using FOXISAPI with VFP
    Also see Rick's excellent 37-page treatment of Using VFP COM Objects with Active Server Pages.

    Visual FoxPro Job Applicant Technical Screening Tool
    A sample of technical questions that can be asked of prospective employees to determine their knowledge and experience.

    Tips and Traps for Using Visual FoxPro for International Applications (external)
    Steven Black Consulting published this article that lists the commands and functions that can have an international impact, such as foreign languages and varying date and currency settings.

    Other miscellaneous external articles, tips, tricks, and compendiums of VFP knowledge

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