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Need more or different random data?
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Test Data

Random Data: People & Addresses

Having realistic data for QA testing or demonstrations is a must, but using real data can be a risk. Our FREE randomly-generated demo data or test datasets are perfect for both QA tests and as demo data for presentations or similar purposes.

The two ZIP files each contain 10,000 records in three different formats: CSV (comma-separated values), fixed-length, and DBF database file. One set consists of 10,000 random people, including first, middle, and last names; date of birth (DOB); social security number (SSN); and gender. The other set contains 10,000 people but also includes addresses (house number, street name, city, state, and ZIP code).

About This Data

This data is intended to replicate US datasets. The data contained in these two files are free to download and use in your company testing and demos. The data may NOT be resold in whole or in part.
  • All first names and surnames are based on actual distribution within the US population based on Census Bureau figures. So, "John" and "Smith" will appear in our datasets in a similar frequency as in the actual population.
  • Dates of birth are randomly generated data. SSNs are randomly generated bogus numbers that have never been assigned to a real individual.
  • Street names are chosen from a large database of actual street names. Building numbers are randomly generated. The combination number + street is fictitious.
  • City, state, and ZIP Code are actual and valid combinations. However, the street names do not actually appear in the randomly-chosen city, so all full addresses are fictitious.

Get Custom Test Data

We can provide custom test or demo data sets to your company in any quantity and in a range of formats. Whether you need 10,000 or 100 million records, we can provide the dummy data for your needs.

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