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Data Services

Data importing, exporting, cleansing, analysis and other data services we provide:

  • Demo & Test Data for your database or application development project. 10,000 record datasets are available for free.
  • Data Import/Export/Cleansing: we can provide these services on a one-time basis; on an ongoing basis; or we can develop programs that do it for you at the touch of a key This includes the creation of data marts (data warehousing) from larger sets of data and conversions between formats (to/from CSV, Excel, XML, DBF, SQL Server, fixed-length, variable-length, mixed-record, and any other consistent format).
  • Data Reporting/Analysis: you provide the data, we produce reports or Web pages for use by your company or your clients. Have us run the programs on your schedule, or we'll develop the programs for you to run on your own systems.

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