Visual FoxPro Applicant Knowledge Questionnaire


General Visual FoxPro exposure and experience

Describe the largest or most complex VFP system on which you have worked?

How many people were involved in development?


Do you have any experience with:


What is your knowledge of object-oriented programming, especially as it relates to VFP?

(for example, can you explain the concepts of inheritance and encapsulation?)


Give an example of a VFP class heirarchy.



Technical VFP Questions



What is a DBC (database container), and what is it used for? What is stored in a DBC?

What would you need to do in VFP to retrieve data from a database server such as Sybase?

Can you/how do you make a remote view updateable?



Given a character string, how can you determine:

Given a data entry field on a form, how can you ensure the user inputs only a valid value that appears in a separate table (for example, a dealer number field that must appear in the master dealer table)

What does the SELECT 0 statement do?

What command(s) or technique would you use to create a fixed-length ASCII file from a table?

Given a numeric-type memory variable, how would you convert it to character (for example, to append to a message)?

How can you combine the month and day from today’s system date into a four-character string, and you cannot assume the format in which the data will be presented?

Given a table with fields for Date Ordered and Date Shipped, how can you determine for all orders the average number of days to process?



Technical Questions, Advanced

No one person is expected to know the answers to all of these, as VFP has become so vast, and not everyone has been exposed to advanced or obscure parts of the system


What are the purposes of these functions?


What is the maximum size, if any, of a single native VFP table?

How can you programmatically place text on the Windows clipboard?

What is the difference between the FWRITE( ) and FPUTS( ) low-level file functions?

What is the difference between a text box’s "format" and "inputmask" properties?

What is a non-visual class, and what could it be used for?

What does the remote view’s "share connection" do?

Given a DateTime expression, how can you extract just the: