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Need database development, operations, or hosting services?
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Visual FoxPro & SQL Server Development

FoxDev provides consulting, development, and related services for Visual FoxPro (VFP) and Microsoft SQL Server database systems.

Microsoft Certified Professional: SQL Server and Visual FoxPro

From the latest Visual FoxPro programs to FoxPro for Windows and FoxPro for DOS, we can provide services ranging from tweaking to a complete rewrite of your Fox application.

  • VFP conversion from an older Fox version
  • new VFP design and development
  • integrating with SQL Server or other database
  • COM object development

Need SQL Server development or services? Whether designing a new schema, developing a complete database system, or hosting and operating your database and related processes FoxDev can help.

  • database design and documenting/ERD
  • stored procedures, triggers
  • database operation and hosting

We also provide a host of other services:

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